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PicaBooth Studio strives to create eye catching and Instagram-worthy spaces combined with memorable experiences unique to your event.We are not afraid to get creative and bend the rules, and we do things a little differently to create special experience for everyone we interact with.PicaBooth Studio strives to create eye catching and Instagram-worthy spaces combined with memorable experiences unique to your event

Why Choose Our Service?

Photo booth has always, and will always be evolving. Today, it is not longer just about taking photos, but about the entire experience surrounding the photo booth. Every one of us have probably taken many photos, but how many of these photos have a truly memorable experience tagged to it? How many of these smiles are the brightest? We are extremely serious, and we welcome you to join us on this big adventure, with the aspiration of changing the way of photo booth!







A Word

From Our Founders

Aesthetic visuals draw crowds, while unforgettable experiences forge a strong connection between people.

When we apply the same concept between brands and humans, we create a bridge for connection, and magical things happen.

Measurable Results

Enhance your brand reach with the powerful tools that comes with our photobooth experiences. 

Connect With Your Guests

Build close connections with your guests as we help you to collect their contact details and permission to reach out to them.

Unforgettable Immersive Experiences

When we create a sensational and immersive photobooth experience for your guests, that is where we truly start to bridge the connection between your brand and your guests.

Keep Your Guests Informed

Pass messages to your guests or direct guests to your website through our emails and online gallery when we send them soft copies of their photos.


We are committed to staying ahead of trends to consistently bring in new and exciting photobooth experiences.Our diverse range of photobooth experiences will provide you the luxury of choice that will best suit your event’s needs.We are not new in the field of developing new and unique photobooth experiences. Feel free to speak to us if you would like to customize a photobooth experience for your event and customizing a photobooth experience for your event is most certainly an option.

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