A beautifully captured visual display that attracts the rays of optical sensation during dispersal; pleasant to the eyes and sweating to the soul, yet retaining the sophisticated and classy touch come with the use of 180 Degree Photo Booth. If you are searching for the next big activation at your location then our 180 matrix booth is the exact thing you need. 


Picture that auto-photo capture technology and you will experience the top-notch display edition of branded 3D GIF, images, logo, and animated overlay. Visualize every single detail through the slighted pace of movement, twinkle of eyes, conscious or unconscious pose, and short-lived action retained in the accessible storage as we make use of our 180 Degree Photo Booth.

180 Time Stop Photo Booth Singapore


Benefits Of 180 Degree Photo Booth


We maintain a snapshot value that helps our clients identify the fundamental guiding on which our company is built on through the use of the 180 matrix booth. Let’s take you through some of the benefits of our 180 Degree Photo Booth service.


1. Achieve your Desire: During your still moment, have you thought of taking home those moments with guests, meetings, mingle with friends, games, music sessions, dance and many other moments with lots of fun! Sometimes these moments might be sad or undefined as even some deeds you can’t recall that you participated in. Our 180 Degree Photo Booth is at your aid, and you can decide your purpose afterward. It might be to visit either these files for your pleasure or share them with whoever; however, and whenever you want after the capture.

2. Keep Up with Social Media Standards: In this manner, social networks are prevalent to showcase your event to the world. The quality of what you upload determines the way people approach or analyze your worth. We package your files in the most accessible and secured means that are compatible with uploads on Social Media. Damn! I’m sure you would not want to miss out on our 180 Degree Photo Booth offer.

3.Quirky Values Among Photobooth: The production of our organization is sleek as we keep up with pleasing our clients and potential customers as well. Ultimately, the automation of our 180 Degree Photo Booth attaches value to the productivity of conventional booth contract service, which stands out among other photo booths. Its technology is lit through time management, frames icons, an enlightened background that gives its excellent production/marketing output the perfect sensation.

4. Flawless Time Ratings: Impeccable time management continually helps us to maintain our client trust as we make use of the 180 Degree Photo Booth for a long-lasting impression. This added benefit will enable you to choose and we will apply the customization that suits your taste from any angle, trilled animated option, and trigger photo array with flashes in any of your events.

180 Time Stop Photo Booth Singapore

We understand the need for the quick delivery to include our work in your visual library; oh yeah! you will have to showcase those timely events. Relax, the compilation of our E-package comes with instant delivery to your email. Also, you can receive the hard copy print out of your photos. Nonetheless, do not hesitate to reach out to request for our service as we are readily available at your reach.