180 Matrix Booth Singapore

180˚ Matrix Booth

Stopping time with every shot

The 180˚ Matrix Booth consists of an elaborate setup with an array of cameras that is seemingly able to freeze time with every click. This photo style will capture confetti, smoke machine, and money shooting machine shots in all its glory.

The facinating setup and GIF photos are guaranteed to gather a crowd at our booth, and we will take it a step further with a large screen monitor for display, and a social sharing station that maximizes interaction and digital engagement.

The Martix GIF

All cameras go off at the same time, resulting in a GIF that captures a moving frame frozen in time, similar to that of the Matrix.

The Boomerang GIF

The cameras go off in sequence, resulting in a short moving video that loops

180 Matrix Booth Singapore



Elevating your brand name during an event requires deliberate actions and careful planning in order for it to be a success

We have identified and categorized the various branding capabilities that our 180 Matrix Booth experience can bring to the table

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Instant Printing Available

Fully branded prints complete your guests’ experiences, strengthening your brand presence when they attain a piece of keepsake after a memorable experience.


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