Since the last decade, Photobooth services have surged in popularity. At almost every wedding, event or party, you are bound to notice a Photobooth.

To many, a Photobooth service is simply a service that renders unlimited instant print services for guests. Well, that is somewhat correct.

However, did you know that a Photobooth service can be much more customized than just providing instant prints?

Here, we are going to be sharing with you the secret catalogue of Photobooths that no one told you about! 

Drop a comment and share with us if you already knew any of the following services. Let’s get started!


1. GIFs

GIFs! So, what exactly is a GIF? A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a file format that allows animated and static images to play endlessly.


And yes, Photobooths are able to provide GIFs for your guests! There are 2 different types of GIF that are provided by Photobooths.


Animated GIF


When you have a Photobooth design that takes 2 or more Photos, you will be able to animate a GIF with the photos taken, like the GIF shown above.

By default, most Photobooths do not provide GIF files after the event. However, you will be able to get your animated GIF if you request for it!



Boomerang GIFs

As mentioned in our previous point, animated GIFs make use of several photos put together to create an animation of still photos. 

Boomerang GIFs, on the other hand, is quite a different concept. Boomerang GIFs require a video to be taken, typically 1.5 to 2 seconds. A continuous animation is created by playing the video forward, and then in reverse back to the start.

When requesting for a Boomerang GIF to be provided during a Photobooth service, do take note that each photo shoot will take a longer time as the photos and videos are taken separately.

Nonetheless, Boomerang GIFs have proven to be a valuable “gift” for the guests as it is more interactive for the guests, and quite different from soft copies that are usually provided by Photobooths.


2. Live Screening

Are you looking to do a live projection on a screen at your event? Another feature of Photobooth services is that the photos taken can be displayed on a screen at your event.

This can be done by creating a connection between the Photobooth system, and the projection system. 

Each photo that is taken will be immediately be put on queue to be shown on the screen.


3. Instant Email

After the photos are taken at the Photobooth, guests can be given an option to have the soft copy emailed to them.

By typing their emails into the system, your guests will be able to receive their photos immediately. Think of it as instant gratification with the push of a button!

Social media savvy guests can now quickly upload their photos for the world to see.


4. Facebook Upload

Sometimes, typing a personal email may be quite disheartening for guests. Well, if that is the case, fret not! 

Besides having the photos emailed out, there are also other ways for your guests to obtain the soft copies of their photos immediately.

Photobooth services have another option of immediately uploading the photos onto their Facebook platformfor guests to download.

Do take note that any requirement for photos to be uploaded immediately will need the availability of WiFi.


5. Multiple Print Size / Design

So, we know that Photobooths are able to have a variety of print sizes and designs. If you don’t quite understand what I mean, check this out!


Anyway, if you’re stuck between choosing a certain print size or design, why not pick both? Or all three?

Yes, that is right! You will now be able to let your guests choose the print size, and print design that they desire. In other words, you can now have both a 4R design, and a photo strip design for your guests to choose from. 

Of course, that would mean more preparation for the designs before the event. But it will definitely be well worth the extra effort.



While the different services and customizations of Photobooths may seem slightly confusing, it is definitely beneficial to know what you are getting, and what you can get when hiring a Photobooth service.

Given that Photobooths are present at almost all events, these information provided can help you make a more informed decision.

One thing that’s for sure is that most Photobooth providers are constantly striving for improvement, and looking for creative ways to add value to customers like you.

By keeping yourself updated with the services that Photobooths provide, you will certainly become a star host that provides guests with new and innovative forms of entertainment.

Which of the above services would be most attractive to your guests? 

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