A Wall photo booth is the ideal manner to capture the great times you would adore with your friends and other individuals. A Photo Mosaic Wall creates an image produced by gathering smaller and more colorful photographs of the event guests. The Photo Mosaic Wall builds physical and digital mosaics from real-time special event photos. 

How A Mosaic Wall Photo booth works

Regardless of what other items you entertain your guests with, they are probable to recall your event if they get involved in the event one way or the other. To know if your guests have made an actual input at your party, it is best to make use of a Photo Mosaic Wall. A Photo mosaic wall photo booth can work using these simple steps: 

  • Guests can make use of any picture they wish to or also take photos with their smartphones, which they could share using a custom hashtag which has been selected for the mosaic.
  • Images taken at the photo booth and posts making use of the hashtag would be included in the final exhibit.
  • Simply drop the finishing image, and your guests would keep adding to the Mosaic Wall until the photo is developed. As soon as the masterpiece is finished, you could take it along with you if you feel the need to after the event.
Photo Mosaic Canvas Singapore

1. Email or Whatsapp our friendly representative and they will guide you through the process of gathering the photos and requirements 

Photo Mosaic Canvas Singapore

2. Our designer will then create the mosaic with our proprietary software and send to you for confirmation

Photo Mosaic Canvas Singapore

3. After confirmation, we will proceed and fabricate the mosaic canvas. Within 3 working days, we will deliver your mosaic canvas to your doorstep!

Benefits of a Mosaic Wall Photo Booth

Mosaics are artworks that design an organized portrait made up of individual points of view. Visitors would see the massive photo and then get a closer look at their individual images. Here are some of the benefits of creating a wall tile booth at your event:

  • Internet connections have turn out to be important in buying options. They can snap and share a mosaic wall, ensuring that the message and artwork would extend more than the limit of the event itself.
  • This type of visitor communication knowledge has no comparison in the event space. This tends to bring a long-lasting impression to your guests even after the event is over.
  • Combining mosaic walls with on social networks also offers the chance to relate beneficial experiences to your online media. Guests could also make use of their social media pages to connect with your account. This would assist you in developing a wider network.
  • The end picture passes a message of unison. The mosaic wall photo booth allows every individual at the event, feel uniqueness and togetherness by looking at the larger image that contains everyone’s photo. The message of unison would make positive connections to your business brand. 


​A lot of individuals are always interested in the plan of being a part of something massive. Making use of the Wall, guests can participate and relate with your picture at the event, and each individual would be able to see their interplay.