Photo booths today are not what you may remember them as. They have evolved into extraordinary interactive interfaces that offer far more than just taking a fun photo of you and your friends.

The revolution in photo booth technology is called the Magic Mirror. This photo booth may look like a fancy vintage mirror, but it is so much more. The Magic Mirror photo booth is a modern, fun, and interactive way to take photos and edit them on the fly. By personalizing photos taken with the Magic Mirror, you ensure your guests will remember your brand and connect it to the fun experience they had with this photo booth.

Sporting a user-friendly interface, this mirror photo booth communicates with you and sends you through an entertaining journey in creating your personalized photos. Prepare to take an immersive adventure that makes photo booths even more fun than they already were.


Make Your Brand Memorable

The Mirror photo booth is especially beneficial for brands looking to separate themselves from the rest, as well as leave a lasting impression. When you want to connect with your guests, you can have a Magic Mirror photo booth showcased at your event, giving guests the opportunity to take fun photos. After they do, they will be emailed copies of their photos, in addition to having physical copies printed on the spot.

With stunning high-resolution photos taken in portrait style, your guests will be able to share them with their friends and online using social media. These quality Mirror photo booth photos will be talked about all over, helping spread brand awareness even more.

What will also help promote your brand is the ability of the Magic Mirror photo booth to brand your prints. That’s right, you can place your logo, along with anything else you want to use to promote your brand, right onto the photos. You will have a unique way to show off your brand that will leave a lasting impression with anyone that sees your photos.

With personalized and branded animations, the Mirror photo booth takes photo-taking to the next level as an experience. Your guests have the ability to personalize their own photos similarly to what you can do on Instagram and Snapchat.

Branding can become a more memorable experience these days thanks to interactive and immersive photo booths such as the Magic Mirror. In this day and age where personalization is being done on every front, you should extend that to photo-taking at your brand’s events.

Standing out amidst the crowded field of brands, all vying for the public’s attention, requires some ingenuity. Offering personalized services such as interactive photo booths is one great way to do just that. When you choose to go with PicaBooth Studio as your interactive photo booth provider for your events, you are going with a company that is experienced in providing an immersive photo-taking experience. Whatever you need can be worked with and a tailored service can be yours if you desire.