What is Lenticular Prints?
Lenticular prints is a way to utilize the illusion of depth to create a 3D-like effect on print. In so doing, one can offer one’s audience various perfective of an image depending on the angle they are viewing the print. The technique of lenticular printing can utilize a single image or multiple images to create a 3D effect or an animation.

How does it Work?
Lenticular printing might sound complicated to most people, in reality, is much simpler. The first stage of the lenticular printing process is to cut various digital images into strips. Then, the strips are interlaced to create composite images. The composite images will have no effect, until the introduction of lenticular lens. The images will be printed on the back of the lens to create an illusion of depth or an animated image. The lens by diffracting light will help deceive the eyes to create either depth, moving or 3D images.

How can lenticular print boost your email signups?
When it comes to boosting email sign-ups, creating engaging content is crucial to the process. Businesses have to be capable of engaging their audience, stir up their curiosity, and cause them to take action. With the help of lenticular prints, marketers and business can tease a promotion, a piece of content, an advert that will get the audience curious enough to want to try their product service. Similarly, by leveraging on the effects, businesses can push their clients to sign up using their emails to find out more about the images they are seeing. Hence, making lenticular prints a valid strategy for digital marketing?

Benefits of Using Lenticular Prints?
• You can engage your customers with stunning visual images.
• They are entertaining as the audience can experience various imagery effects by varying their angle of vision.
• It is a great way to use print to tell a captivating story.
• It is innovative and can create a sense of nostalgia depending on the image effects.
• It can help increase the rate of image signup by getting more people curious.

Various types of Lenticular Prints
There are several types of lenticular prints effects that businesses can use to tell a story or run a digital campaign that will lead to more email sign-ups. They are:

1. Flip: This is also known as 3-Phase or 2-Phase. It is an effect where two or three images can be seen independently based on the angle of the viewer.
2. 3D: It is an effect that causes the viewer to observe depth on a plain surface.
3. Zoom: It is an effect that can be used to emphasize details on a print.
4. Combinations: It is an effect where you can combine two effects in one. For example, flip and 3D.
5. Morph: It is an effect when two images of similar background in most cases gradually fade into each other.
6. Full Motion Video: It is an effect where print is used to create a short video clip used images that appear to be moving.

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